Be the perfect packer and mover while transferring your MBOX to PST

Email Conversion is very similar to packing and moving. In both you need good help. If the help is not good, it can be a little bumpy. In packing and moving you are very considered about your fragile things and in email conversion that is replaced by data. In both you need to carefully choose which help you are going to get and that is what that makes all the difference.

Well, while transferring MBOX to PST or email conversion in general the risk gets higher, as data once lost may or may not be recoverable. So, you need to tread carefully while choosing the right converter tool to Transfer MBOX to PST.

The tool you need to Transfer MBOX to PST smartly

There are hundreds of options out in the market to choose from. But sometimes too many options can confuse you. And that confusion can lead to some big problems if the choice of converter goes wrong. Don’t worry, just choose the current best converter in the market in USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

Transfer MBOX to PST

Note that, It can also convert Thunderbird to Outlook, Postbox/Mac Mail to Outlook.

Switch to Mail Extractor Pro, the most complete converter tool till date. The tool makes it easier, efficient and quick to Transfer MBOX to PST. It handles your fragile data very carefully, ensuring that you get it all back, post conversion. Along with your traditional features the tool has some very smart features too that saves your time energy and resources. Thus, offering you a modern-day masterpiece.

Empty folders were meant to be left behind while Transferring MBOX to PST

Transferring MBOX to PST is a hard task in itself. So, there is no sense in making it even harder by wasting time and resources in converting useless information.

This information comes to you in the form of empty folder. These empty folders present in the email database file not only disrupts the hierarchy of the file system but also consume some precious time during conversion. So, Mail Extractor Pro very smartly dodges them.

The tool ignores all the empty folders and keeps it tight to only the important stuff. Thus, refining up your process of Transferring MBOX to PST.

Break down those large files that are obstructing your attempt of transferring MBOX to PST

Large sized files can be a matter of concern while Transferring MBOX to PST. These files are too large to be tackled directly and contains a large amount of precious data, so, they can’t be ignored too. Many mbox converter free tools get stuck on these files while converting MBOX to PST.

Mail Extractor Pro deals with this situation very smartly. The tool breaks down these files into smaller ones. These smaller files are created very carefully to ensure all the data is safe in there. Then, once created these files are easily handled by the tool, therefore, retaining all the data and giving you a complete and safe conversion process.


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